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So…there’s a Nazi at Lake Winnie. (Amusement park where i work) “But how do you know he’s a nazi!?” Well, the swastika and lightning bolt S’s tattoos are a big give away. What’s really disturbing is how large his group was. His family? His kids? The fact that he is in charge of raising kids and that someone was willing enough to reproduce with him… And I have to provide service…

Oh, and he was sporting a wife-beater and Bud Light shorts.

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    Apparently you were serious. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL Seeing as how Jews and Zionists are two different things, and Zionists are...
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    "reverselogic" is a complete fuckass.
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    I just assume anyone who dresses like that is a Fed.
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    Oh snap
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    hahaha 'I'm not a neo-nazi, I'm a white nationalist' Y’know the darndest thing … I have a baseball bat that just can’t...